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The Progressive Professional… A Guide for Quality Living – June 2018

Ok, so I let you work your goals and habits for an extra month prior to nagging you… I’m hoping you are still on the path to being more productive, happy and healthy! If you haven’t made progress, I’m guessing that you ignored tip #10 from the April newsletter – here’s a reminder:

10. Put yourself first. Make it a priority to focus on #1 – You! If you aren’t taking care of yourself, who will? Setting and achieving goals, especially if they’re related to your health, help not only you, they help everyone around you. You’ll be happier, healthier, stress free and enjoy life!

Many of us feel it is necessary to take care of everyone else in our lives first. We put the kids first, the spouse first, work first, friends first, parents first, siblings first… You get my point – we tend to ignore our own health, happiness and well-being because we are focused on other people and things. The excuse I hear most often when discussing goals with folks is “I just can’t find the time”. How are you managing your time? What’s most important? Will you be of any use to anyone if you’re no longer around or so run down or ill that you can hardly get out of bed?

When I look around, I see so many people that are overweight, out of shape, and eating unhealthy primarily because they think it is easier to “roll with the flow” of life. They try to do everything quickly – cooking takes time; fast food is easier and faster. Eating with others takes time; eating on the run is faster. Walking takes time; driving is easier and faster. XXX needs something; I can wait – I’ll exercise later. I can’t tell you how many times I, personally, have put other things ahead of my plan to exercise and then it was the next day and I missed it. I find that when I don’t exercise, I experience a lack of energy and feel weak, like someone took my power. I believe bad habits are created and perpetuated by taking the easy way. We simply find it easier to put everything else first and then don’t have the time for a little self-love – taking care of ourselves and our health. We have the power to create the best life for us!

So the big question is: What is the number one project in your life? If you answer honestly, it should be “ME”. Without your health, what do you have? Perhaps a lot of stress, frustration, lack of energy, and little enthusiasm for life. But, you probably have a lot of happy family members, friends and a boss that thinks you’re great! How long can you keep it up? Are you aging yourself prematurely?

Last time we were talking about habits and you may have realized, and, if you didn’t, I’m reminding you, that most of our habits are driven by choices and that bad habits are actually easy to fix by making better choices. Think of changing your lifestyle habits like a project. Create a step by step plan that moves you in the right direction and provides a sense of accomplishment as you make progress.

Start by writing your bad habits on index cards. For each card, identify the steps you need to take to change the habit – write them on the back of the card. Then, pick a card, any card, and make it your focus for the next week – keep it with you at all times – make it visible. Follow your own step by step plan to make small changes and repeat them every day. Keep it simple – trying to change too much at once often causes frustration and people revert back to the bad habit. Think about how you feel after every step is accomplished – every time you do it the new way! Repetition solidifies habits and we want that for the good actions we are taking. Consider the completion of each card a mini-project! You’ll find yourself recharged on life – you will be physically and mentally happier and it will show!

Project ME is all about being the best you can be – for you, for others and because you will perform better and be happier, healthier, less stressed and more productive. Sounds like the best project you could take on, doesn’t it!

So, get started! Take 5 minutes right now. Identify those things you need to change to enhance your life. Let others know what you’re doing – they will support you! Reward yourself for small successes. Remember, you didn’t get the way you are overnight and things won’t change that fast. Be patient and stay the path – you are on your way to success in every area of life, starting with your #1 priority – YOU!!

Please consider letting me know how you are doing! I love to hear what folks are working on and how they are progressing!

Till next time – Stay the path! Your good work will pay off in ways you can’t even imagine!