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The Progressive Professional… A Guide for Quality Living – December 2018

Happy December!

The years just seem to go by faster every year. Yes, I know that means that I’m getting older and that each year represents a smaller percentage of my life, so the perspective is real.

Earlier tonight I overheard some folks that were ending a meeting in a restaurant wishing each other Happy Holidays and a few said “see you in the New Year”. Loud groans came from many as they said they just weren’t ready for another New Year. Time stands still for no one, so now is the time to be sure you’re ready for the New Year.

This is a great time of year to review what you’ve accomplished. If you’re in Corporate America, you may have had to do so for work life already in the form of your performance review. Do you review the rest of your life – your personal goals, some of which could include, but not be limited to: taking care of your health, maintaining a healthy weight, decluttering the house or apartment, perhaps moving or downsizing, preparing for your next career, expressing your true emotions to others, and keeping your brain healthy?

Throughout the year, I’ve encouraged you to identify your goals, develop plans and check your progress toward achieving those goals. Now you are down to the last couple weeks – how did you do? Here are some reminders from past newsletters:

In January, I encouraged you to look at your values, goals and commitments and use that information to gain control of your life and achieve success by articulating your goals and making plans to achieve them.

February brought some techniques on how to approach the goals you set in January. Those techniques included chunk it down (break the goal to smaller tasks that are easier to complete) to avoid procrastination, and stop wasting time on unimportant tasks. Every task should be compared to your overall goals and minimized if it doesn’t support your long term objectives.

March delivered more ways to stay in control of your life. We discussed how to assess our daily routine and eliminate the seven deadly wastes in everything we do. We also looked at ways to stop working hard and start working smart through delegation and we identified the value of taking short breaks to refresh during the day.

In April, we talked about how to break habits, many of which detract from our productivity and goals. We talked about ten approaches we can use to help us break undesirable habits. Do you remember them?

June (yes, I took May off to celebrate my birthday) brought a reminder to focus on your most important project – you! I provided many ways you can create the time to focus on yourself.

July brought a reminder about project “ME” and how we need to take care of ourselves and not prematurely age so we maintain a great quality of life. There were several hints on how to take care of you and turn back the clock.

In August I moved from talking about physical health to the mental aspects of well-being and protecting our intelligence by not letting the digital age cause us to become lazy and distracted. We also talked about ways to improve our memory. Finally, we explored the fact that one of the best ways to reduce stress and build our intelligence is to slow down. Consider the details before speaking, explore our feelings before acting and be cognizant of the situation – all these simple actions will reduce our stress and the need for damage control.

September brought insight into brain health and how we can maintain it and stay sharp by learning new things, exercising our memory and doing activities to refresh our brain cells. Simply moving rather than sitting all day has a lot of benefits for the brain as well as the body. To take care of our brain, we also need to feed it (and our body) properly, get plenty of rest, and recognize that it is natural and unavoidable to experience some memory loss as we age. Don’t panic; come up with ways to remember all the important things.

Finally, in November (I skipped October due to the fabulous fall color, a trip and our anniversary), I outlined six energy boosters. So, no more excuses about not having enough energy to exercise or take care of ourselves – boost your energy and achieve those goals!

Please take some time over the next few weeks to review your achievements for the year. I know there are many (besides those you documented for work) and you’ll find yourself energized going into the New Year! Early January is a great time to set goals for the year and every year you will make more progress toward those huge goals that you may have thought were unattainable! You can do it – just get started in the New Year!

Until then, have a very happy and healthy holiday season and I’ll see you again in January, 2019!