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Exposed… Secrets of the Best Project Managers

Have you noticed what makes the best project managers stand out from the rest?  Why they can deliver projects faster and achieve higher customer satisfaction with strong support from all stakeholders?  Have you considered why the PMBOK® Fourth Edition finally includes five pages on Interpersonal Skills?  If you are interested in understanding the answers to these questions, you’ll want to attend this session.

Today’s businesses thrive and fall as a result of projects.  It is how they achieve their strategies.  Managers and aspiring leaders now recognize that today’s indispensable skill is project management.  A Price Waterhouse Coopers 21st century survey on project management maturity of 200 global companies found that over half of all projects fail and only 2.5% of corporations consistently meet their targets for scope, time and cost.  Why?  Project Managers.  Want to know more?

This interactive session will explore the results of The Alpha Study reported by Andy Crowe in Alpha Project Managers (What the Top 2% Know That Everyone Else Does Not), 2006, and what you can learn from the Alphas to improve your performance.  We will discuss the success factors of the Alphas and how to incorporate them into our everyday activities.