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How to Knock ’em Dead in an Interview

Congratulations, your resume has opened the door and you have an interview scheduled!  This is a tremendous accomplishment in and of itself in today’s climate.  There’s lots of competition, so take a minute and pat yourself on the back.  Then, prepare to “Knock ‘em Dead in the Interview”.

In this interactive session, we’ll go through the steps to prepare you for the best interview ever.  We’ll discuss all the necessary information gathering and pre-work to build your confidence so you’ll know you are the best candidate for the position.  We’ll step through a template to help guide your preparation and discuss common interview questions to give you a head start on your preparation.  Finally, we’ll discuss dos and don’ts for the day of the interview and the interview event itself.  Join us to learn how you can differentiate yourself from the other candidates and win your next opportunity!