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Six Sigma Green Belt

4 Days

This course is targeted toward developing Six Sigma process improvement project leaders. It provides a background on the Six Sigma methodology and covers the tools and techniques necessary for leading successful process  improvement projects. Students will bring a “live” process improvement project and supporting data to class where we will develop a clear project definition, and get a great start on an actual project. Upon completion of the course, an exam and a project, students will qualify for a Six Sigma Green Belt certification. This course can be delivered in four full days or eight half days. Between days, students will have homework that will be reviewed at the beginning of the next session.

Day One
• Introduction to Six Sigma Methodology
• History of Six Sigma
• What is Six Sigma?
• Value of Six Sigma
• How does it work?
• Six Sigma Language – Terms and Definitions
• Similarities and Differences between Six Sigma and Lean
• Approaches to Six Sigma
• Lean Tools
• Organizational goals and Six Sigma projects
• Enterprise strategy
• The project selection process
• Introduction to DMAIC (Define-Measure-Analyze-Improve-Control)
• Define
• Problem Statements

  • VOC and CTQ Analysis
  • Brainstorming Tools

Day Two
• Introduction to management planning tools
• Defining team roles and responsibilities for a Six Sigma project team
• Team stages and dynamics
• Project planning
• Defining Scope
• Creating a Project Schedule
• Project risk analysis
• Communication planning and tools
• Data Measurement and Gathering
• Defining key project metrics
• Calculating process performance metrics – COPQ, DPMO, Yield
• Process modeling – “as is”

Day Three
• Analyzing the data
• Identifying Root Cause

• Fishbone Diagram
• Five Whys

• Value Added Analysis
• Seven Deadly Wastes
• Interrelationship Diagraphs
• Force Field Analysis

Day Four
• Improve

• Generating possible solutions
• Selection / Prioritization Matrix
• Piloting the Solution
• PDCA Cycle
• Creating an Implementation Checklist

• Control

• Developing a Control Plan
• Calculating Process Capability
• Control Charts, Scatter Diagrams, Histograms

• Project Closeout
• Exam Review
• Wrap Up