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Secrets of High Performing Teams

Teams are truly the ultimate in volunteer organizations.  You can’t demand that members of a team cooperate, you can’t force teamwork.  The cooperation we see in high performing teams comes from personal choices that individuals make one at a time, and for reasons that are unique to that team member.  High performance team members thrive in and prefer a team environment.

Great high performing teams work together harmoniously every day, they continually meet and surpass their goals and achieve at remarkably high levels.  They are very open-minded, ready for change, nimble, candid, down-to-earth, know how to let ideas and opinions clash rather than people, and care that the right idea wins without regard for whose idea it is. Their competition doesn’t stand a chance!

Learn how to lead or contribute to a high performing team in your organization.  We’ll discuss the six characteristics of high performing teams (Common Goals and Purpose, Effective Communications, Solid Relationships, Participative and Accepted Leadership, Clear Roles, and Effective Processes) and how to create the environment that drives team members to deliver above expectations.