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Using Myers-Briggs as a Leader
It’s all about changing what you can control. Tips on how to use Myers-Briggs to your advantage in order to become an effective leader.

Do Traditional Project Management Practices Apply in a LEAN Six Sigma Environment?
Over the years, I’ve been asked this question many times. Many organizations have been struggling to improve their efficiency during economic challenges and yet, still have strategic initiatives they desire to achieve. So where should they focus their attention? Can you use what you know about project management and incorporate LEAN Six Sigma principles to improve efficiencies while still moving the organization forward?

Efficiency – The Key to Survival in Today’s World
Can you afford to waste time, energy or resources? Maybe if you’re Bernie Madoff. But, if you find yourself with only 24 hours in a day, run out of that human “gas” called energy after putting in an easy 18-hour day and can’t afford a staff of 200 like Michelle and Barrack have to help them out…then you need to read on.

Five Leadership Principles
As a project manager and team leader, how do you know if you are treating members of your team right? How do you know you are doing the right thing?  How do you know you are communicating with others effectively? How do you know you are encouraging initiative and innovation? How do you know you are inspiring greatness in others? Understanding your performance against these questions and thus, the Five Leadership Principles, is critical to your success.

High Performance Teams
Teams are truly the ultimate in volunteer organizations. You can’t demand that members of a team cooperate, you can’t force teamwork. The cooperation we see in high performing teams comes from personal choices that individuals make one at a time, and for reasons that are unique to that team member. High performance team members thrive in and prefer a team environment.

“The training and materials you developed for process improvement have helped our organization achieve an average ROI of 32x and documented savings/cost avoidances of $4 million since our first class in late April, 2008. Our senior management team can’t wait to see our 2009 project list.”
– Director, Large Health Benefits Organization, Cincinnati, OH