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Practical Project Management

Two Days or Four 4-hour Modules

Did you know that virtually everyone manages a project at some point in their life?  Are you tired of hearing how difficult it is to manage a project?  Would you like to learn the basics that will enable you to manage a project in just two days?  This course is just what you’re looking for. It will cover all the basic terminology, process and tools and techniques used by project managers, yet give you a simple way to apply the rigor without the rigidity of most methodologies.

It will prepare you to work as an effective project team member, project sponsor, or team leader in just two days. This interactive course will provide group and individual exercises to enhance the learning experience so you are ready for action when you leave. Following is an outline of the topics to be discussed:

Module 1 – Project Management Basics

• Project Management terms and definitions
• Project Management process overview
• Tools and techniques used in managing projects
• Rigor versus rigidity – choosing what’s needed for success
• Roles and responsibilities

Module 2 – Project Planning

• Project Planning – large versus small
a. Creating a Work Breakdown Structure
b. Determining tasks
c. Estimating
d. Milestones
e. Dependencies

Module 3 – Project Monitoring and Controlling
• Tracking progress – who, what, when
• Risk Management
• Managing project changes
• Project documentation best practices
• Issue Management – when and how to escalate
Module 4 – Communications

• Project communications – who, what, when, how
• Negotiating
• Deadlines
• Dealing with difficult people
• The “Art” versus the “Science” of Project Management

This course can be customized with exercises specific to your business environment for an even greater impact.