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12 Essential Skills of a Leader

In this presentation, we will explore the differences between leading and managing.  Data from The Alpha Study reported in the 2006 book Alpha Project Managers (What the Top 2% Know That Everyone Else Does Not) by Andy Crowe will be presented to support many of the 12 Essential Skills of a Leader.  Participants will contribute to the definitions of the skills and provide examples on how they build particular skills, and then determine individually which of the skills they have mastered and which provide opportunities for improvement.  In this interactive session, each participant will answer several questions and develop a plan of action to develop two or three of the skills they have identified as opportunities.  The 12 Essential Skills include:   People Skills, Assertive Communication, Negotiation, Confidence, Goal Setting, Dynamic Reading, Writing, Time Management and Organization, Computer, Decision Making, Self-Discipline, and Leadership.