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LEAN Six Sigma

Two Days or Four 4-Hour Modules

LEAN Six Sigma is a methodology that companies apply to ALL aspects of business (NOT just manufacturing and supply chain processes).  Tangible improvements and benefits are being realized everywhere!  The fundamental basis for the success of LEAN Six Sigma methods is the ability to identify waste, reduce it, and aggressively go for the elimination of non-value added activities.  It also improves response to the customer base, whether internal or external.

Principles of LEAN include:

• Focus on Customer, their expectations and what they perceive as value
• A passion for Continuous Improvement in the elimination of waste
• Identification of where an organization adds value and the identification of non-value added activities to enable the successful implementation of the future state vision
• Creating the ability for products or activities, (transactions) to flow through a process map in the shortest time possible
• Establishing disciplines to link Customer Demand directly to processes, transactions, resource, or material.
LEAN topics covered in the course include:
• 5S Programs
• Theory of Constraints
• The 7 Wastes
• Toyota Production Systems, (TPS)
• Demand Flow
• Kaizen
• Just in Time
• Value Stream Mapping
• Transactional Mapping
• Kanban
• Re-engineering
• A3 Management Process

LEAN methods are designed to yield benefits quickly by supporting the optimum methodology matched to a company’s business objectives and needs while establishing a sustainable process for ongoing improvement.  Our methods are quantitative and bring to light further areas of opportunity where Six Sigma projects can be utilized.