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Managing Conflict

Do you ever encounter conflicts in your day-to-day personal or professional activities? If not, then you can stop reading here. If you do, this course should be of interest. Learning how to effectively deal with conflicts so they are not only resolved, but don’t occur again is a skill many can benefit from.

This interactive one-day course will provide insight into the most effective ways to manage conflict. It will provide practical, hands-on examples and experiences to help you be successful when addressing conflict. Group and individual exercises will reinforce key points. Following is an outline of the topics to be discussed:

• Raising concerns
• Levels
• Balance of Power
• Conditions leading to conflict
• Sources of conflict
• Three steps to managing conflict
• Tactics for minimizing conflict
• Preparing for and having a difficult conversation
• Surfacing the real issues
• Steps for inventing creating options
• Overcoming resistance
• Sources of stress
• Managing stress – finding your de-stressor

This course can be delivered in modules or customized with exercises specific to your business environment for an even greater impact.