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Effective Communications Made Simple

Are communications in your organization sometimes the source of misunderstandings, disagreements or just plain ineffective? Is there productive time lost in “damage control” due to poor communications? If so, you’re not alone. With the advent of e-mail, instant messaging and net meetings among others, many folks have slipped into bad habits with their choices about communications.

This interactive course will provide insight into the most effective ways to communicate. Ways to make excellent communications choices as well as guidelines on how to prepare for and effectively communicate with others will be covered. Group and individual exercises will reinforce key points. Following is an outline of the topics to be discussed:

• Efficiency
• Clarity and conciseness
• Removing emotions
• Choices for delivery
• Information presentation
• Anticipating topics
• Preparing for conversations – difficult and otherwise
• Active listening
• Talking versus communicating
• Sharing information
• Communication Styles
• Bottlenecks
• Barriers and how to address them
• Building trust

This course can be delivered in modules or customized with exercises specific to your business environment for an even greater impact.

Project Managers, Managers of Project Managers, Senior Managers, those interested in improving their communication skills.