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The Progressive Professional… A Guide for Quality Living – January 2018

Image courtesy of https://livingforimprovement.comHappy New Year, a little late! My how time flies!

If you find that time is passing you by and you are sometimes disappointed in the time it takes to achieve your goals, your ability to achieve success isn’t where you want it to be, or, you just want less stress and more time to enjoy life, this article will be helpful.

As we start the New Year, it is a great time to assess where you are with your life – health, career, family, finances, goals, etc. You, and only you, are responsible for your success and happiness. Often we let the tasks of the day take over our time. Here are some simple steps to take control:

Step 1: List your values. What is most important in your life, at this time? Recognize that there are two components to this statement – what‘s most important in your life usually doesn’t change; however, at any given time, priorities can change – for example, folks just starting careers usually aren’t concerned about retirement . Often, values include family, love, health, social life, finances, faith, work, and home. When we don’t know what’s important, everything appears important! This causes us to lose focus on our goals. Here’s a video that will help you think through your priorities!

Step 2: List your goals. Goals need to be written so achieving them can be measured, you can clearly picture success, and you understand why it is important. I often hear “I don’t have time to set goals”. This is an indicator that you are settling for whatever comes your way. Unless you take control, life will pass you by. Others will get the promotion or next job you want; you’ll envy others’ vacation adventures; and friends and colleagues will drive newer cars, have better houses or nicer wardrobes. If you don’t set goals, articulate them and create a plan to achieve them, life WILL pass you by! Here’s an example of a simple goal: “In 2018, I will take at least two weeks of vacation time away from the office and home because it is important to my health to relax!” Can you do it? Yes, you can – it just takes planning!

Step 3. List your commitments. Often, we err on the side of saying “yes” to too many things. We then find ourselves spending valuable time doing things that aren’t moving us toward our goals or we feel overwhelmed because our days are spent on meaningless tasks. This causes disappointment and sometimes stress. Once you have the list of commitments (work, family, friends, etc.), compare them to your values and goals. Any commitments that don’t match should be eliminated from your “to-do” list. Yes, you may feel bad for a short time going back to tell someone that you can’t complete the commitment; however, if you tell them why and provide them options, people will understand!

Taking these three simple steps will let you gain control of your life and help you achieve success! It is a proven fact that once you identify and articulate your goals, your subconscious starts working on them whether you create a solid step-by-step plan or not. A picture raises the stakes and makes progress even faster. Try it – take control and see how much better you feel about life in just one short week!