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The Progressive Professional – Checking Progress and Adjusting – March 2013

Happy Spring!  Although our weather doesn’t seem to match up with the calendar, I’m sure we’ll turn the corner to nice weather soon.  And, personally, I can’t wait! In our last issue, we discussed how to set ourselves up for success in 2013.  If you’ve forgotten, you can find the previous newsletter here. So, since you’ve set yourself up for
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The Progressive Professional – Tips for Quality Living – September 2012

In our last issue, we looked at Life Balance and how to take control of our lives through five steps. This quarter, we look at more ways to streamline what we do with our time and our life. “Why”, you ask? Because as we mature, we lose that inquisitiveness we all had when we were four. Do you remember those
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The Progressive Professional … Tips for Quality Living – June 2012

5 Steps Toward Life Balance (Everything in Life Starts With Baby Steps) “It’s not what you’ve got; it’s what you use that makes a difference.” –Zig Ziglar Having a life that’s out of balance can create much larger problems that most people think. While that feeling of missing out on things, always being behind and finding it hard to slow down
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